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It's my first attempt at finishing anything.The core of the game is the risk mechanic. Whenever you attack, your risk goes up. The damage you deal(and take) goes up with risk and you will get OHKO'd at high risk. On the other hand you can use break arts to manage your risk. Break arts decrease risk and also deal more damage if your risk is high. However, you need to charge up first.

The risk system is based on Vagrant Story's battle system. If you ever played that, you'll be somewhat familiar with the combat system.

I was unable to finish the game due to university paperwork. I tried my best given the time constraints but the game is far from complete. I was unable to do proper QA and balancing so if you feel that the game is too hard then please tell me in the comments.

Thanks for playing. There's a readme in the download folder if you're confused about anything.

The controls are simple:
*arrow keys/wasd to move
*hold space bar and use arrow keys to dash(move faster)
*z for melee attacking
*hold shift to charge break art, break art can be used after charging it to level 1, there are 4 charge levels and higher level versions are more powerful.

There's also a fixed version that was released after the jam(with music).There are no other differences outside of the inclusion of  bgm and sfx and a crash fix. If you wish to use it for rating my jam entry then feel free to do so. However, it was uploaded after the jam ended so please keep that in mind.



2D Assets and SFX:superpowers RPG Battle System Asset Pack by Pixel-boy.
Pixel-boy's Patreon site:https://www.patreon.com/SparklinLabs?ty=h

Font : Orbitron from google fonts.

Install instructions

Extract/unzip and run the .exe (windows)


RiskBreakersDemo.rar 9 MB
Riskvbeakers(Fixed).rar 12 MB


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fixed version added + screenshots(finally). Please note that the fixed version came out after the jam.