Nekuro Tactics is an SRPG where you play as an undead soul who can possess bodies. You have a squad of 3 members but you can only posses ONE member per Turn. Based on what you do that turn, your next turn will come slower or faster.

Moreover, possessing a body will inflict Strain upon the host. The higher the strain on host, the slower your next turn comes, and the more damage you take. Since you are able to make only one choice per turn, you need to make it count.


 Mouse for menus, Q and W to possess another party member that's still alive.


Once you select a skill, the tiles you can effect are tinted Yellow.

Click any Yellow tile to target it, The tiles you can Damage are tinted Red.

Assets used:

The icons for every character were taken from here :

The FX animations were taken from the Superpowers RPG Battle System Asset Pack:

Everything else was done by me.

Known issues:

1. The Webgl version has problems with UI scaling. The health bars for your party members will not show up properly. Use the full screen mode to fix it or use the windows version.

2. You need to select a target tile to be able to cancel the ability you choose. it's a bug.

3.  You must select a target tile and then hit the confirm button to end your turn. Even if you select the wait command, you need to select a target tile.


NekuroTactics.rar 14 MB

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