You play as a nameless mage who has made a deal with  the devil by exchanging his life for power. You must use your newfound powers to traverse the dungeon (Except it only has one floor).

The theme this time was - 'Your life is currency'. My interpretation was that nothing in the game was free and you needed to sacrifice a bit of your health for everything. To cast a spell, you need to wager a portion of your health bar. Get hit and the devil will take that portion away. Moreover, every passive ability power up will also lessen your max hp if you decide to equip them. 

Sadly I had to cut  a lot of features due to time constraints.  I almost gave up on the project when the artist on my team had to leave due to RL issues. It's a miracle that I'm here typing this. 

I hope you'll like it.


WASD to move.

Left click to melee attack.(Hold to charge)

Right click to cast spells.

Left Shift to dash (Once dash is unlocked)


The art for the game was done by Cardwise

The explosion asset was made byt Sinestesia from OGA

I handled all of the code.

Update: I realized that I had updated an old version of the build that contained a bug that cause enemies to spawn off screen and block progress. I've fixed that along with some other game breaking issues in the new version. But keep in mind that the new one was uploaded after Ludum Dare ended.

Install instructions

Download the zip,extract and run the exe(Not the crash handler)


In Exchange for my life.rar 23 MB
In Exhange For My Life-Fixed Ver.rar 23 MB


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Webgl build added!

Also, a special shout out to a certain  power hungry ninja from Sekiro. I was stuck in this  boss before ludum dare started. When I almost gave up midway, I booted up sekiro and beat the boss on my first try.  That finally gave me the motivation to finish things.