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In a distant land, the hearts of men are enraptured by a dream.

 A dream of light

A dream of hope.

A dream of salvation.

Those who have seen the dream speak of a voice... a strange, ominous voice that asked them  to leave the sheltered walls humanity had built to protect themselves from the calamity and to venture into the depths of the kingdom where everything began.

You are a nameless wanderer who had answered the call. And so you shall venture forth.

Not that it matters. I am far far away from making any ambitious levels.


The game is designed for touch controls. The Windows version is mostly meant for testing. If I feel that the game deserves to be expanded beyond the scope of a mobile game then I will implement better PC controls.

Also, the in game tutorial screen doesn't mention PC controls.  So if you're playing the Windows Version, please read the rest of this section.

WASD to move. "click and flick" the mouse cursor to dash,
hold longer before flicking to charge your attacks. 
Basically you will be controlling a virtual joystick with a mouse.
Left side of screen: Virtual Joystick controls movement. Swipe to dash.
Right side of screen: Virtual Joystick controls attack direction. Hold to charge and aim your attack according to the arrow. And release to lunge towards the enemy.

Additionally, the red bar denotes health and the green one denotes stamina. Running out of stamina will prevent your from dashing/attacking for a while. But it is unlikely to become much of a hindrance. I will most likely remove the stamina system in future versions since I feel that it does not belong in this game.

Future developments will depend heavily on the feedback from this demo. If you play the game, please complete the feedback form from the in-game  Link.

Install instructions

If you've installed the android version previously, be sure to uninstall it before running the newer APK version. This is because I forgot to update the versioning. Otherwise, the old version will run again instead of updating. to the newer one.


PhantomReverie.rar 17 MB
PhantomReverie.apk 21 MB

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