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Very nice! I really enjoyed playing this. The mechanic was unusual, fun, and challenging but not horribly difficult.

Thank you! Feel free to check out the full version too. It has a lot more mechanics with QOL improvements. I also had a lot of fun creating the story!

Unfortunately I can't; I don't use Windows.

Sorry to hear that. I can't test mac builds since I don't have the hardware but I can make and upload a build if you want to try it out.

Clever game!

Thank you! I plan on adding a lot more levels on the final game. You can wishlist on Steam to know when that comes out. I also plan on releasing another demo soon.

There will also be a version on itch of course.

If you jump while on a pink platform and while in the air shoot it and start moving it then you clip through it. Great game though

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Thanks for finding a bug. I'll look into it before the next update(which is going to be a big one).

Edit: fixed. Though I've decided to leave the post jam version alone due to changes in mechanics.

This made for a really fun puzzle game! Great job!


Fun puzzles